Manage all your customers in one place

ActivCust is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) system designed to automatically connect directly to your customer data right at its source(s). While you can add customers manually and import them from excel, the biggest advantage of ActivCust is the live connection to other systems of yours to obtain customer information and merge it together in one place.

Getting Started

First, you will need to create an account on ActivCust. You do not need to be a part of any organization in order to register for an account. Once you can login, you can either join an organization or create your own organization. You can also be added to an organization by an administrator who manages it. In any case, in order to join an organization, you must be explicitly approved by an administrator of that organization.

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ActivCust allows any user account to be a part of multiple organizations. Each organization requires at least one administrator, which by default is the person who creates the organization in the first place. Click the button below to manage the organizations which you are associated with.

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Customer Data

The beauty of ActivCust is its ability to dynamically connect to your original software where your customers are saved and automatically pull them together into one place.

If you are creating your own organization, then you will also need to configure your system before you can start using it. Please visit the appropriate documentation for configuring ActivCust to connect to your customer data.

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